Hi, there. I’m a software developer and speaker who likes to make things: https://garrettmills.dev/

This post originally appeared on my blog, here.

A snippet from @extollo/di’s Inject decorator.

Anyone who has read this blog before knows that I have a particular interest in dependency injection and inversion-of-control paradigms.

Over the last few years, I’ve implemented DI in JavaScript for various projects, and I’m currently in the process of rewriting my…

Roger Marshall, Congressional representative for the Kansas 1st, has expressed his intention to vote not to certify the result of the 2020 presidential election.

I feel very strongly that this is a dangerous and irresponsible move that goes against the core tenets of American democracy.

US House Representative, Kansas 1

This post originally appeared on my blog, here.

Given everything that’s happening right now (c. 2020–07–23), many software developers have been fortunate to be able to work from home. However, there are some challenges I encountered with my office’s particular brand of development workflow. Over the last couple months, I’ve…

This article was originally posted on my blog, here.

This is part I, wherein we set up the web-based GitHub alternative, Gitea. Stay tuned for part II, where we will setup the Docker-based continuous-integration solution, Drone, with plugins for Gitea.

As I have chronicled before, over the last few years…

If you’ve ever used Angular for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed how freaking awesome its dependency injection is. With just the invocation of the injectable decorator, you can pull in reusable instances of any service in your application just by referencing the type:

import {Injectable} from '@angular/core';
import {BackendService}…

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