An Open Letter to Senator-Elect Roger Marshall

Roger Marshall, Congressional representative for the Kansas 1st, has expressed his intention to vote not to certify the result of the 2020 presidential election.

I feel very strongly that this is a dangerous and irresponsible move that goes against the core tenets of American democracy.

US House Representative, Kansas 1
312 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Mr. Marshall -

I’m writing to express my disappointment in your recent support for the irresponsible efforts by various members of your party to oppose the federal certification of the results of the 2020 election.

These results were audited and certified by state election boards in every single state. Many of these election boards are headed by Republicans. There have been no allegations of specific improprieties by you, or any of the other senators and representatives supporting this dangerous position. I’d ask you to air some particular grievance, but I’m sure you have none.

The bedrock principle of this nation is the idea that leaders can be replaced if the voters choose. There have been many elections in the history of this nation where many people have been unhappy with the result, on both sides of the aisle. These people have complained, and written, and protested these elections, which is within their right, but never before have those in institutions of power used their power and official responsibilities to undermine the legitimacy of these elections.

By throwing in your support with the coalition of Republican representatives to oppose the certification of the election results, you have thrown in your support with those who ignore their better judgment and their moral duty to uphold the institutions of power before their own self-interest.

In the struggles of a nation there are defining moments. By publicly supporting an effort to, if not overturn, then cast doubt upon the results of a free and fair election, you are no different than the 441 members of the German parliament who supported the Enabling Act of 1933, or the 383 members of the Russian parliament who backed amendments that would allow the “democratically-elected” Putin to run for president again in 2024, holding power for another 12 years.

History remembers the Putins of the world, but it also never forgets the many elected officials who abdicated their constitutional and moral duty to enable them.

I might not agree with your political and legislative agenda, but as a Kansan who believes in fair elections, I respect the will of the voters of the Kansas 1st congressional district who elected to send you back to Washington. These voters sent you back to Congress because they believe in your views on abortion, the economy, foreign relations, healthcare, and agriculture, not to undermine the institutions and processes that got you the job in the first place. Never forget that without the very elections you are now threatening to subdue, you would be out of a job.

So, as a Kansan, I’m asking you to withdraw your support for this ridiculous movement, and to vote to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. The time will come again when a Republican is elected president, and when that happens, may they behave less as a petulant child and more as an elder statesman. In popular elections, sometimes your candidate loses. You don’t throw out the election; you run a better candidate next time.

Garrett Mills

This letter is released in the public domain. Please, adapt it, share it with others, and most importantly, send it to your representatives. Call them, e-mail them, snail mail them to tell them to support free and fair elections.

Get the original letter here.



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