OneDrive Sync for Linux (Ubuntu)

Step 1: Install onedrived

onedrived is a third-party, CLI-based OneDrive client created by Xiangyu Bu. It provides basic OneDrive sync. Clean and simple.

Step 2: Install ngrok

ngrok is a 3rd-party platform for relaying webhook integration. onedrived uses ngrok to allow webhook requests from the OneDrive API to the onedrived client without requiring port-forwarding or similar.

Step 3: Configure onedrived

After installing onedrived, you need to authorize it to access your Microsoft account. To do this, run the following command to configure onedrived interactively:

You can pick which folders you want to sync over OneDrive and which ones you want to use locally. In this case, I’ve chosen to sync my Desktop, Public, Documents, and Pictures folders.

Step 3: Enable the OneDrive Daemon on Login



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